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During one of the worst housing situations Whistler has experienced I was tasked with creating some social media engagement for Avalanche Pizza. 

Originally the idea focused on using pizza as payment for your friends helping you movie. As soon as I framed up this photo I instantly knew that this was the shot and this was the caption. 

It's not as dark as it seems, homelessness in Whistler is not the same as the cities. In Whistler if the most middle class, mostly white seasonaires can't find somewhere to live, they either end up in a weird/cramped/extortionately expensive living situation or choosing to spend the season somewhere else.


Sometime posts that come in meme for work best for certain demographics. They don't look like an ad first and as a result are received in a more welcoming manner than a traditional sales post.

Buffalo Bills Wednesday Local's Night was a classic night that young skibums would flock to, and attempt to make it to work on Thursday, with varying degrees of success. 

In this posts first posting it received over 400 organic likes and tens of comments and tags


This is just a Harry Potter quote with Mimosa replacing the original line, using the same font as Harry Potter. 

We then tried to get the magical potion mixing vibe in the photo, as they were offering Mimosa bottle service. 

It especially made sense because the target market for mimosa's is predominantly female and the quote in the movie was said by Hermione. 

  Three Below was known for it's cheap doubles and it's target demographic after 8pm was

19-25 year olds before heading out to the clubs and other more expensive places. 

20180831-20180831-the only singles.jpg

I was asked to create a poster for Australia Day. I chose an iconic Aussie staple, something they all miss from home and simply replaced the text. They liked it so much they printed and sold t-shirts which ended up being featured heavily in a Vice article about Australia Day in Whistler, B.C. 

Vice T Shirt Australia Day.png

Our small team allows us to react quickly to new trends. Making the most of the explosion of Tinder was perfect for the brands of both Tapleys and Buffalo Bills. 

The promotion involving tinder matches and a free appetizers would not only encourage Tinder dates to come to tapleys fun environment, but it would also encourage friends to match with each other and come for an appetizers and of course the drinks. 

I was asked to create a poster for Australia Day. I chose an iconic Aussie staple, something they all miss from home and simply replaced the text. They liked it so much they printed and sold t-shirts which ended up being featured heavily in a Vice article about Australia Day in Whistler, B.C. 


Tasked with creating a printed poster for Buffalo Bills Local's Night it was extremely important that it was relateable, fun and eye catching. Because it was for print it seemed logical that the most eye catching poster would

be something that didn't look like a poster at all. 

This entire screenshot became the poster and helped Bill's Wednesday be busy week in week out in a very competitive market

The staff are the most important part of any business, bartenders especially have a unique bond with the customers. 

A popular bartender at Buffalo Bills was Yves and this post got so much engagement among his friends and regulars, that the engagement translated into friends of friends, gathering 100's of likes and 10's of thousands in organic reach. This post would have only cost the client half an hours work. 


Creating Social Media content for a Pizza Delivery company it makes sense to target Event TV and trending memes. 

When a friend of ours showed up on Halloween dressed as Negan we quickly grabbed one of the empty boxes we kept around for such occassion and snapped this photo. 

This quote coincided with one of the most talked about moments in the history of the show Walking Dead.

negan beat the holy hell.png

Three Below was a little out of the way bar, hidden next to a movie Theatre and one of their deals was Dinner & Movie. We found excpetional organic reach, to our demographic through photoshopping staff members faces onto current movie posters or iconic famous movies. These rarely cost the client more than one hour of work. 

jess ropati best WONDER WOMAN.jpg
master ad dub.png

A full page ad for the Whistler Dining Guide. The photograph on the right is actually a composite of three different photos making the most of the best poses from each of the models.  

Three Below's unusual location, allowed for cheaper drinks than most places which carried with the risk of over consumption by some of our guests. In order to counter this Pete came up with this Midnight Snacks campaign. We've been having midnight snacks since we were kids and it is a timely phrase in the english speaking world. 

After a late night phone call to the client this campaign was launch in under two hours after conception and became a staple of the business until it closed due to COVID and external factors unrelated to the success of the business.

new friends new beer.jpg

Whistler is a very transient time and a large portion of our population changes every year. Dubh, being an Irish bar with a lot of the similar qualities to any UK pub took pride in its ability to provide a familiar welcome place for new arrivals who's lives are not completely different than they may be used to. This is also a great ad for their best selling beer, Guinnes. This post can be used for decades.

Happens to the best of us.


It wasn't long ago that the entire world was gripped by the Game of Thrones final season. 

An iconic moment when Brienne is finally knighted was a huge moment for a beloved character and quickly turned into memes everywhere. 

Dubh Linn always gave us full creative control so we were able to quickly create this mem/ad using Game of Thrones official font for added effect.

This photo came from a different shoot

that was to promote mulled wine as a 

perfect warming drink after skiing all day.

While we got some lovely images that did their job, the engagement was nowwhere

close to the enagement we got when we

were searching for a photo to pair with 

the looming closing of the mountain. 

The was original a blooper and it become

one of our most engaging posts that month, and cheapest

only 56 days of apres.jpg
the only two things.jpg

Avalanche Pizza wanted to focus on

selling as many slices as possible.

It's location catered better to this 

than delivery. Especially late at night

Pairing it with Powerade, the classic

millennial hangover drink, I mean 

sports drink ;) . Seemed like a good option and it was a quick win.  

I wanted to showcase how Guinness

stood apart from all the other beers.

As this was for an Irish Pub.

Manipulating a graphic of Moses parting the Red Sea, turning the sea the colour of beer, adding a bit more 

froth and bubbles and accentuating it all by making everything else black and white. 

trivia girls poster.png
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