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The eyeball is a masterpiece of human evolution, I'm fortunate enough to have two of these wonderful organs. 

My photography pre-dominantly aims to emulate what I see through my eyes and what I feel, in my heart, captures that moment perfectly.


My advertising is carefully constructed to meet both the needs of the client whilst respecting the privilege to be in front of our audience's own eyes.

My videos, well they are epic. 

I have a decade of experience working in video production for outdoor adventure sports, a decade working in photography and social media content creation and curation, and during my COVID hiatus I spent a year immersed in storytelling, writing a television show.
Through this experienced I have become a one-stop shop for any businesses looking to increase their sales through improving their online image.

I do not do cookie cutter social media. In close collaboration with my clients I will give your business a character online, with a genuine soul that people can relate to and a promise to make the most of the privilege that is having your brand in front of potential customers eyes.

If you're ever in Whistler, don't hesitate to look me up and we can get outside and maybe chat about a bit of work. 

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